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Life-Cycle Events

Marriage: The Hebraic Marriage models as found in Scripture for a life-long partnership are followed. This includes:

  • Instruction, study and counseling with an Elder.

  • Betrothal with Ketuvah.

  • Wedding under a Chuppah.  

Birth: The birth-events of a son are observed. 

  • Circumcision- 8th day circumcision of sons

  • Pidyon HaBen- The dedication of the “First Born” son.

There are no birth-events mentioned in Scripture for daughters; the “Blessing and presentation of Children” is offered for daughters and subsequent sons. Also we do not practice the “Rabbinical” Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.

Death: The preparation of the deceased after death is observed.

  • Biblical/Hebraic Taharah procedures are followed.

  • We do not follow the secular and/or Christian Funeral methods of viewing, embalming or cremation.  “Kosher” wooden Coffins are utilized

  • Direct burial is practiced.

Questions on the above Life-Cycle Events are answered in the HaDerech Discipleship Manual.

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