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Torah Unleashed

Dr.Otero's Vision is to bring the Torah and the word of YHVH to all nations! In doing so this ministry is focused on three day seminars in your congregation or any event. We provide over 20 PowerPoint presentations. Book now!

Life Cycle Events
Events of marriage, birth and death as found in the Scriptures are practiced here at Olive Tree. We can provide you with a hebraic wedding as well as Pidyon HaBen services, we also make Kosher Coffins and provide Taharah Services for your loved one.

HaDerech (The Way)

This is our outreach ministry where we travel to teach small and large congregations how to live a Hebraic  lifestyle and lead a Torah Based congregation without rabbinic traditions  

Hebraic Dancing
Available for performance and also dance camps.
Community Outreach


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